Top 3 Spice Gardens In Sri Lanka For An Aromatic Holiday

Sri Lanka is well known for the production and hospitality of the spice garden and therefore known as the Land of Spices. There are 15 distinct types of spices grown in the Sri Lankan spice garden; most of these spices are exported to the global spice market. Spices are one of the main products from the Sri Lankan spice garden. Everyone and especially tourists from different places should know the right place to visit for the purchase of pleasant and in demand goods and therefore for spices. Visiting and purchasing commodity-like things and spices requires a good knowledge of availability. If a guest doesn’t realize the right places to buy species, it’s as simple as being fooled for low-value flavors or paying the higher costs unnecessarily. Visiting Sri Lanka which is known for species, without observing those amazing developed spice creatures would really be a shame.

Spice Gardens forms a key charm with Sri Lanka. The nation is well known around the world for its rare accumulation of spices and herbs. The main charm of this area is to study the famous and also the unusual herbs which are prepared in the most surprising way. Herbs that are normal in a household such as peppercorns, turmeric, cardamom, cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla, aloe vera, cocoa, and so on are handled here. The best part of visiting the Spice Garden in Kandy is gathering information about herbs, their development procedure, their benefits and their usefulness in human life. The common habitat and tranquil excellence of the Spice Garden is one of the mesmerizing encounters for any traveler. Away from the bundle of city life, this is a total differentiation of condition.

In Sri Lanka, not all spices are grown in the same garden. Hence, the visitor should choose the right place for the right spice. They can hire a guide or use digital advice to be familiar with the spice gardens and the types of spices that are grown and grown in a particular garden.

Reasons to visit the spice gardens in Sri Lanka

Reasons to visit the spice gardens

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Hence, the spices are quite good, although the reasons why visitors should visit the spice gardens. The good reasons behind this,

  • Amazing flavors, customary care, and regular beautifying agents made with flavorings are available for purchase at reasonable cost.
  • Greenhouses inform you about the different spices of Sri Lanka and their uses.
  • They also allow you to perceive how flavors are developed, collected and created.
  • The Spice Gardens are also quiet and peaceful places to invest some energy close to nature.
  • The gardens allow you to experience amazing fragrant dinners and finish with the flavors that annoy your faculties are the most loved here too.
  • The green enclosures are generally open to guests; however, some of them may charge a small registration fee. So it’s an amazing way to enjoy your vacation if you have a financial plan.

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Spice gardens in Sri Lanka

There are many spice gardens in Sri Lanka. Some of them are very good and soothing for the eyes. You can choose different spice gardens where the scents of cinnamon, pepper, cardamom, nutmeg and mace overwhelm the faculties and guests are informed about a well-established taste generation industry, which has attracted numerous European and Asian vendors to the ports of the old Sri Lanka.

1. Ranweli spice garden

Ranweli spice

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In Ranweli Spice Garden, one hour tour around the garden with an English speaking guide who gives you an exhibition of the flavors of Sri Lanka and the history of the island. This is the best spice garden in Sri Lanka according to the traveller’s point of view.

They offer travel directions to make your stay in Sri Lanka an extraordinary ordeal and help you make great memories to cherish. Smells of cinnamon, pepper, cardamom, nutmeg and mace overwhelm the faculties and guests are given an insight into an industry rooted in flavor generation, which has attracted numerous European and Asian shippers to the ports of old Sri Lanka.

Street address: No. 99 Kaudupellella, Matale 21000, Sri Lanka
Entry fee: Nobody

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2. New Ranweli Spice Garden, Kandy

New Ranweli Spice Garden

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At the New Ranweli Spice Garden, see why Sri Lanka has turned into a universally spread nation for its spices and herbs. With the essence of good spice and environment, every visitor must pay a second visit here. Many foreigners come to see the beauty of this garden. The Kandy Spice Garden The entry fee is very moderate for visitors, as mentioned in the tips section of the tour. There are some beautiful views of Kandy which are the second reason to visit it. The mesmerizing perspective is found on Rajapihilla Mawatha and ranks fifth out of 105 vacation destinations in Kandy. This place is located near Lake Kandy and is enclosed in beautiful glade and mountain scenes. From the city, you need to take Rajapihilla Mawatha street, after which the 1km vertical climb will take you to the viewpoint. You can also use a tuk-tuk to reach the top. The all-encompassing perspective to facilitate the acquisition of the opportunity to see deserves the torment of arising. The entire city of Kandy lays down before your eyes and from the summit you can even recognize the Dalada Maligawa and Lake Kandy.

Street address: No 31, Gannoruwa-Muruthalawa Rd, Sri Lanka
Timetables: Open until 5pm every day

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3. Arunalu Spice Garden

Arunalu Spice Garden

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Arunalu Spice Garden is one of Sri Lanka’s large and fascinating spice gardens. The visitor often comes here to get the essence for the spices that are produced here. A nominal fee is attracted to the visitor and the charge is required there to visit and understand the types, beauty and goodness of the spice there.

Street address: No. 80, madawala ulpotha, Matale

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Throughout the year, visitors come to see Sri Lankan spice gardens with the fascination of seeing something good and relaxing.-If you are curious to look and feel something new, plan a trip to sri lanka soon.

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