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The best Google Pixel 6 cases you can get

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Our shortcuts for the best cases for Google Pixel 6:

The Google Pixel 6 it’s here! While it may not be as expensive a flagship as its big brother, you’ll still want to keep it in great condition for as long as possible. here at Android authority, we test both phones and cases extensively, so we’ve done the research for you. These are some of the best Google Pixel 6 cases you can get right now!

Our picks include slim cases, sturdy cases, wallet cases, and more. If you’d like to learn more about our favorite case brands or other smartphone accessories we recommend, check out our guides below.

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Editor’s Note: We will update this list of the best cases for Google Pixel 6 as soon as new options are launched.

Best slim case for Google Pixel 6: Spigen Liquid Air Armor

Spigen Air Pixel 6 armor case

Case for Pixel 6 Spigen Liquid Air Armor

Protect your phone with this slim Spigen case. A rippled pattern on the back and along the sides increases grip and comes with a matching camera bar to protect the huge camera bump.


  • Thin and light
  • Tactile button cover
  • Precise cutouts
  • Non-slip matte surface


  • One color option (black)

The Liquid Air Armor may not be the thinnest case in Spigen’s arsenal, but it is more protective than the others that Spigen and other case manufacturers offer. It is a TPU case and is easy to install and remove. A non-slip matte finish and a rippled pattern on the back and sides add plenty of grip. The case is also equipped with a “camera bar” to match and provide a raised edge around the Pixel 6’s prominent camera bar. A raised edge also keeps the display secure. If you want security without the bulk, Spigen Liquid Air Armor is the way to go.

Looking for slimmer Google Pixel 6 case options? We also recommend:

pixel 6 spigen slim fit

Spigen Slim Fit

The Spigen Thin Fit is thinner and lighter than the Air Armor, but it isn’t as protective and isn’t as snug as the Air Armor. You get a matching camera bar and a raised lip protects the rear camera and display.

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Best clear case for Google Pixel 6: Spigen Ultra Hybrid

ultra hybrid pixel 6 spigen case

Case for Pixel 6 Spigen Ultra Hybrid

Spigen Ultra Hybrid lets you showcase the Pixel 6’s unique design and colorways, protecting it from bumps and drops.


  • Thin and light
  • Precise cutouts
  • Crystalline


  • Clear cases tend to yellow over time
  • Difficult to keep clean

Spigen Ultra Hybrid is one of the best clear cases you can get for the Pixel 6. The combination of a polycarbonate back and a TPU frame provides excellent drop protection and keeps the device scratch-free. The case is thin and light, but adds enough edge to protect the display and camera. The crystalline version is a great option. You can also get one with a matte black finish. However, while matte black is usually reserved for the bumper when it comes to other phones, it also covers the camera bump and “top” with the Pixel 6.

Looking for clearer Google Pixel 6 options? We also recommend:

6 kwmobile pixel transparent case

Kwmobile transparent case

The Kwmobile clear case is thinner and lighter than the ultra hybrid. The TPU case is easy to install and remove. It may not be the most protective option on this list, but it barely adds volume to the phone.

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Best Hybrid / Regular Case for Google Pixel 6: Caseology Parallax

pixel 6 caseology case of parallax

Pixel 6 Caseology Parallax Case

The Caseology Parallax offers dual layer protection with its TPU case and polycarbonate frame. There are also a few color options to choose from, including a new black and red combination that looks great.


  • Double layer protection
  • Tactile button cover
  • Multiple color options


  • The PC chassis makes it a bit difficult to remove

Hybrid cases offer excellent protection for your phone without adding a lot of thickness or weight. Caseology Parallax is one of the best cases you can get for the Pixel 6. It’s a TPU case coupled to a polycarbonate frame that offers extra corner protection. Covered buttons and a thick raised border around the camera bar and display are also useful. Standard color choices like the return of green and gray, but this time there is also a fantastic black coloring with red highlights.

Looking for more case options for the hybrid / regular Google Pixel 6? We also recommend:

rugged 6 spigen pixel armor

Sturdy Spigen armor

The Spigen Rugged Armor is a fan favorite and with good reason. Despite the name, it’s not a particularly robust case in terms of size and weight. But it does a great job of keeping the phone safe and the carbon fiber elements add a touch of style too.

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Best wallet case for Google Pixel 6: 32nd Classic Series 2.0

pixel 6 32nd classic wallet

Pixel 6 32nd Classic Wallet

The 32nd Classic Wallet is a genuine leather case that looks and feels great. It has a card slot and a cash pocket, and the folio cover doubles as an easel.


  • It has a pocket for cash
  • The folio cover doubles as an easel
  • Several color options
  • Real leather


  • The magnetic closure may loosen over time
  • It comes with only one card slot

The 32nd Classic wallet is made of genuine leather which looks elegant and feels great. A TPU casing holds the phone securely in place. The folio case can also be folded and used as an easel. The only problem with this wallet case is that it only has room for one card, but comes with a cash pocket. Black and wine red are the two color options available.

Looking for other Google Pixel 6 wallet case options? We also recommend:

6 spigen thin pixel armor wallet

Spigen CS thin armor

Spigen Slim Armor CS is an excellent protective case for the Pixel 6. It is not a traditional wallet case but comes with an external card slot that can comfortably hold a couple of cards.

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Best rugged case for Google Pixel 6: Spigen Tough Armor

6 spigen hard pixel armor

Pixel 6 Spigen Heavy duty armor

Keep your Pixel 6 completely safe without adding too much weight and thickness with the Spigen Tough Armor. The double-layered case does a great job with drop protection and also has a built-in kickstand.


  • Great protection
  • Mil-grade certification
  • Integrated kickstand

The Tough Armor is Spigen’s rugged case option and offers plenty of hybrid protection. A soft TPU layer helps against falls and a polycarbonate shell to keep scratches away. It also packs a built-in kickstand, but it’s a bit flimsy, which is worrying with a heavy phone like the Pixel 6.

Looking for more rugged Pixel 6 case options? We also recommend:

rugged pixel 6 poetic revolution case

Poetic revolution

The Poetic Revolution is one of the best Pixel 6 cases to get for complete protection. A thick bumper with reinforced corners, coated buttons and a noticeable edge keeps the phone completely safe. It also comes with a front cover which has a built-in screen protector.

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How we test the phone cases

We rigorously test smartphones, accessories and other products in our reviews here on Android authority. There there are many factors that we consider before choosing the best Google Pixel 6 cases currently available.

  • Protection: An ultra-thin case is great for keeping your phone scratch-free, but isn’t useful in bumps and drops. Some ultra-thin cases for the Pixel 6 may not do a great job of protecting the phone’s huge camera bar either. We simulate drops in the real world to test the durability of hybrid and rugged cases, for example if your phone falls while taking it out of your pocket or if it slips off a table. We also consider the protection of the corners, the edge around the display and the rear camera and whether the buttons are covered.
  • Construction materials and quality: A bad case could do more harm than good to your phone. Poor quality polycarbonate enclosures can break during installation or removal. If you have to apply a lot of pressure to remove a case, the case could break. With softer TPU cases, continual removal of the case may cause it to loosen around the corners, compromising fit and protection.
  • Jack: Along with the hands-on tests, we slide the phone across different surfaces such as wood and marble to see if it’s slippery. Cases get extra points if they have ridges or bumps to help with grip.
  • Installation and removal: Installing a case shouldn’t be difficult and there are no cases that can’t even be installed easily. However, removing a case can be a problem even with high quality cases and potentially damage your phone. It’s a big no-no if you have to apply a lot of force to where you feel the phone bend.
  • Design and colors: Design and color are personal choices, but it’s nice to have options. We also have a dedicated category for clear cases that showcase the design of the phone.
  • Price: You don’t have to spend too much to get a good case. Cases from $ 10 to $ 15 offer the same protection, if not more, as some that go above $ 50.

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