Current Season Is In Jeopardy

Saturday Night Live’s Current Season Is In Jeopardy

The current season of the hit sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live may be in trouble, as production has been shut down. The next three episodes of the series have all been postponed.

The coronavirus has been spreading around the United States, and New York City has been impacted by the virus. There are more than seven thousand cases in the city, with many of them coming from the suburb of New Rochelle. The state of New York is also second behind the state of Washington in deaths.

Current Season Is In Jeopardy

The show’s reliance on taping in front of a live studio audience and an extensive crew of workers prompted the need to shut down. In addition, many of the things people were going to promote have been postponed.

What Episodes Were Shut Down?

Saturday Night Live was going to return on March 28. John Krasinski was going to host, with Dua Lipa being the musical guest. That episode has been postponed. Krasinski was going to be on the show to promote A Quiet Place 2, but that movie has also been postponed until further notice.

At least two other episodes of the show have been postponed, but dates on when they would occur are unknown.

The Last Episode

The last episode of SNL was on March 7, with Daniel Craig hosting the show. Craig was going to promote No Time To Die, the latest movie in the James Bond franchise, but that movie’s release has also been delayed. Craig acknowledged the delay due to the coronavirus in the episode.

Production Concerns

The staff behind SNL had been planning on taking time off before returning for the next episode on March 28. But the new delay in the series has made it harder for the program to continue.

The decision was made to stop the show until the series can continue with a full crew and audience. Although the show has produced many pre-taped segments throughout the years, it is believed that having a live aspect to the show would be critical to its operation.

Other Late Night Concerns

Many other late-night television programs in the United States have had to stop their operations due to the coronavirus. A few other late-night talk shows taped episodes without audiences, but they have since stopped. Many of these shows have resorted to having hosts record things in their homes with their mobile phones. Also, ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live has been pushed back by half an hour to allow for a special edition of the news program Nightline to air in its place.

The Future of the Show

Details on when Saturday Night Live would return are unknown. It is unclear as to how many episodes the show would have remaining in its current season. It is also known if John Krasinski would return to host his planned episode, or if Dua Lipa would return to perform as scheduled.

The coronavirus stoppage could also result in the end of some tenures on the show. There have been rumors about Kenan Thompson, the longest-tenured cast member in show history, leaving after the season ends.

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