One Day At a Time

Pop TV Releases a Trailer for the New Season of One Day At a Time

The reboot of Norman Lear’s classic television series One Day At a Time has become unique, but not in the way people expected. Whereas many television shows that are canceled by networks are often picked up by streaming services, this happened the other way around for One Day At a Time. The series was canceled by Netflix after three seasons but has been picked up by Pop TV. The series will be a key replacement for Pop TV following the end of Schitt’s Creek.

Pop TV has released the trailer for the fourth season of One Day At a Time. The trailer showcased some things for people to watch for this coming year.

One Day At a Time

What’s Happening?

There will be many stories coming about on the new season of One Day At a Time. But one point about the season is that it may entail the sexual lives of many of the characters.

Rita Moreno and Justina Machado appear in the trailer, returning as Lydia and Penelope. Lydia has created a Tinder profile for Penelope to try and find a man to “fill the hole in her life,” a phrase that may or may not have the wrong wording.

Isabella Gomez also returns as Elena. Penelope is trying to talk with Elena about the female orgasm and how it works. But even with group therapy, it might not be as easy to discuss as they might think.

Stephen Tobolowsky also returns as Dr. Berkowitz. It turns out that he and Lydia went on a trip to Cuba and didn’t tell anyone about it.

Todd Grinnell and India de Beaufort are also back as Schneider and Avery. Their relationships are starting to grow a little more.

Marcel Ruiz is also back as Alex. He is starting to date other women, although whether Elena is the one for him is uncertain.

Other Things of Note

The new season of One Day At a Time will also feature a few special guests. Sitcom legend Marla Gibbs and comedian and Late Late Show bandleader Reggie Watts will guest star as Mrs. Jones and Mr. Mann, the new neighbors. Fellow sitcom star Ray Romano will also guest star in the season.

Norman Lear will continue to be one of the executive producers on the show. Mike Royce, Gloria Calderon Kellett, and Brent Miller are also executive producers.

When Is It Coming?

The fourth season of One Day At a Time will premiere on March 24 on Pop TV. The premiere will also air on TV Land and Logo, two other networks operated by ViacomCBS.

The series will move into its permanent Tuesday night slot on April 14. The show will initially air following the final episodes of Schitt’s Creek.

The return of One Day At a Time is a triumph for the series. The show’s cancellation from Netflix was one of the most controversial in the steaming service’s history. Netflix even posted a few Twitter messages showing its appreciation for the people on the show after it was canceled, a move that the service never makes.

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