New Trailer for Run

HBO Releases the New Trailer for Run

HBO is planning a new television series called Run. The show will premiere on April 12 and will join HBO’s stable of various original comedy programs.

The network has released a new trailer for the series. The show was created by Vicky Jones and is executed produced by Fleabag’s Phoebe Waller-Bridge, a regular collaborator with Jones. The show will also be produced by eOne, a studio that also worked on the HBO series Sharp Objects.

The show has a new trailer available for viewing. The trailer is the most detailed look at the unique new series. The video showcases the surprise nature of the series and the unique situations that the characters will enter. The comedy also comes as HBO has been looking to bring back the momentum it has been looking for since Game of Thrones ended last year.

New Trailer for Run

What Is It About?

Run is a show about two friends who met in college and are getting back together. The two made a pact seventeen years earlier where if one of them was to text “run” and the other replied with the same message, they would stop everything in their lives and meet each other at Grand Central Station in New York to travel around the country.

The series is about the two going around the country as their lives suddenly turn upside down.

Who Is In the Series?

Merritt Wever and Domhnall Gleeson both star in the series. Wever plays Ruby Richardson, a woman who is tired of her current life. Gleeson appears as Billy Johnson, a life guru who wants to do more.

Among the other stars in the show include Rich Sommer, Archie Panjabi, and Tamara Podemski. Phoebe Waller-Bridge will also play a prominent role in the show as Laurel, a woman that Ruby and Billy meet up with as they travel.

Plans For Airing

HBO will air Run on Sunday nights starting on April 12. There are seven planned episodes to the series as of now. The episodes all feature brief one-syllable titles like “Kiss,” “Chase,” “Tell,” and “Trick.”

The series may potentially air following new episodes of Westworld. The drama series has been the highest-promoted series on HBO in recent time, especially with HBO looking to maintain the cultural conversation.

Developments With HBO

Run is the latest new program coming about on HBO as the network aims to expand its programming and attract people in its post-Game of Thrones era. Run will join other comedies on HBO such as Barry, the Righteous Gemstones, and the recently-returned Curb Your Enthusiasm.

The show may also get ratings to boost off of various dramas on HBO. These include such current dramas as Westworld and Succession. The network has also been getting a buzz from its current miniseries the Plot Against America.

Run is not the only new comedy on HBO. The network is also releasing Betty on Monday nights starting on May 1. The series is a teen-oriented series based off of the 2018 film Skate Kitchen.

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