Dark Side of the Ring

Dark Side of the Ring To Discuss the Most Controversial Story In Professional Wrestling

Vice on TV, formerly known as Viceland, premiered the documentary series the Dark Side of the Ring in 2019. The six-episode series entailed a look at some of the most controversial stories in the history of professional wrestling.

The first season discussed such topics as the deaths of Gino Hernandez, Bruiser Brody, and the Fabulous Moolah. The tragic stories surrounding the Von Erich family, the controversy of Bret Hart losing his title in an off-script moment, and the troubled relationship between Macho Man Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth were also profiled.

Dark Side of the Ring

The second season of the Dark Side of the Ring will premiere on Vice on TV on March 24. But the season is being highlighted for how it will start by discussing what may be the most controversial moment in professional wrestling history. The season will begin with a discussion on the death of Chris Benoit and how the moment continues to impact entertainment today.

About the Episode

The two-hour premiere of the show’s new season will be all about the murder-suicide of Chris Benoit. On June 24, 2007, the wrestler murdered his wife and son and then committed suicide. The moment has gone done as a concerning moment surrounding how professional wrestlers often experience brain trauma and depression. There had also been concerns about whether or not steroid use could have led to the event.

The episode will delve into many concerns surrounding Benoit’s actions and his life. His surviving son David is among the people who will appear in the episode.

Many of Benoit’s friends also appear in the episode, including fellow wrestler Chris Jericho. Jericho said in an interview that the episode is not about glorifying Benoit, but rather about telling his complete story.

There will also be points in the episode about Benoit’s relationship with Eddie Guerrero, a fellow wrestler who died not only before Benoit’s murder-suicide. The story shows a substantial connection between Benoit and Guerrero.

Former wrestler Chavo Guerrero will be one of the producers of this episode. He also helped bring together many other people involved in Benoit’s life, including his wife’s sister. Chris Jericho stated in an interview that Chavo Guerrero’s direct involvement in the episode helped convince him to play a key role in the work.

Other Stories For the Season

The new season of the Dark Side of the Ring will cover many other controversial topics about professional wrestling. The new trailer for the season showed many of the topics that will appear on new episodes airing on Tuesday nights on Vice on TV.

Oher stories that will be covered include the death of Owen Hart during a failed stunt, the doomed relationship between the Road Warriors tag team, and the deaths of Nancy Argentino and Dino Bravo. The Brawl For All tournament, a controversial tournament that led to career-ending injuries for many of the participants, will also be discussed. Herb Abrams’ attempt to take over the industry with the Universal Wrestling Federation will also be a point of note in the season.

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