Coronavirus Is Impacting Television Programming Efforts

Coronavirus Is Impacting Television Programming Efforts

It has become increasingly difficult for television networks to get enough quality programs out during the coronavirus pandemic. The event has made it to where many people are stuck in their homes, not to mention networks may start to run out of new programs to air. Some networks, particularly ones involving sports, are finding it challenging to find content to air.

Various networks have been looking to adjust their television schedules to provide different programs during the coronavirus chaos. Some of these networks are looking to produce comforting shows, while others are bringing back some special promotions. All of this comes as the production of various shows has shut down.

Coronavirus Is Impacting Television Programming Efforts

Christmas Comes to Hallmark

The Hallmark Channel will be bringing back various Christmas movies to the network on occasion during the coronavirus concern. The weekend of March 20-22 will feature many original movies that have aired during the Countdown to Christmas series. These include such films as Mingle All the Way, Marry Me At Christmas, the Nine Lives of Christmas, and a Shoe Addict’s Christmas.

It is doubtful that any Hallmark movies featuring Lori Loughlin would appear during this or any other marathon. Loughlin has been on many of the network’s movies. But she has not appeared on the channel amid her involvement in the recent college admissions scandal.

ESPN Brings Back the Ocho

With just about every sport in the world being suspended, ESPN has nothing to air. The point is why on March 22, ESPN will be bringing back its ESPN8: The Ocho series. The event occurs on ESPN2 and features 24 hours of various unusual sports from around the world. The promotion was inspired by the 2004 movie Dodgeball.

Among the programs on ESPN8 include sign spinning, stacking, ax throwing, arm wrestling, and marble run championships. There are also Tetris and Golden Tee events and Johnsonville bratwurst eating contests on ESPN8.

Various News Specials

Many networks are airing news specials. NBC and ABC have been airing special live news events focusing on the coronavirus and what people need to know. ABC has also moved its Nightline late-night news program up by an hour. Jimmy Kimmel Live is on a hiatus and will move back to after Nightline is over.

Fast-Tracking Various Programs

Some programs that are expected to be aired during the summer months may also premiere early. However, it is uncertain as to what would happen.

One example of note entails ESPN’s Last Dance, a ten-part documentary series about the end of the Chicago Bulls’ basketball dynasty. The series was to premiere in June, but the prospective release date has been removed. There have been rumors that ESPN might release the series earlier, but ESPN has stated that the series is still in editing.

There will be a substantial crunch of television networks to find programming, especially as people become worried about what will happen next. The issue will also come as networks run out of new content to air. Do not be surprised if many other networks followed suit with different programs and other special things coming about in the future.

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