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An expensive Galaxy Z Fold 3 for China

samsung w22 function


  • Samsung announced the W22 in China.
  • Based on the Galaxy Z Fold 3, the foldable phone has some aesthetic differences but a largely similar spec sheet.
  • Pricing starts at a whopping ~ $ 2,640.

Samsung launched a new flagship smartphone in China. Based on the Galaxy Z Fold 3, the Samsung W22 has some design changes, a little more under the hood and a higher price.

From a distance, the spec sheet of the W22 looks almost identical to the Galaxy Z Fold 3. This includes a foldable 7.6-inch AMOLED screen, the 6.2-inch external display, the Snapdragon 888 SoC under both and the triple 12 MP camera array on the back.

However, there are some unique touches. Aesthetically, buyers get some gold accents mostly along the foldable phone’s backbone. The included S Pen it also features a fine gold band around its top. There is also a number of custom clock-inspired UI elements. Finally, there is a noticeable hardware buff. Samsung is giving the W22 4GB of RAM more than its Western counterpart. This means that the phone exceeds 16GB of RAM with 512GB of internal storage as well.

Samsung W22: price and availability

Of course, if you’re in China, love gold, and are excited by the prospect of more RAM in the foldable phone, the foldable is an addicting device. However, it is also quite expensive. You will need 16,999 yuan (~ $ 2,640) to purchase the Samsung W22, making it considerably more expensive than the $ 1,899 Galaxy Z Fold 3 available internationally.

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